OHHH HELL NO!! Drake is that you?! Drake looks more like his government name Aubrey Graham after uploaded — then deleting — a photo to Instagram in which he reveals he shaved his famous beard.

Yup, all that that sexy scruff is gone and Drake fans are totally freaking out about it! Well to be fair he does look drastically different. Drake, 29, looks almost unrecognizable in an Instagram selfie posted on May 13.

drake-shaves-beardMany Drake fans took to social media to air their disbelief with @cqminaj tweeting: ‘If drake shaved his beard I want a refund on my concert tickets… I didn’t pay to see a turtle perform.’

Another fan @erica_simone_ tweeted: ‘Drake shaved his beard, he’s dead to me.’

While @drakegroupie tweeted: AUBREY SHAVED HIS BEARD BYE IDK A DRAKE UNTIL IT GROWS BACK.’ However one male fan defended Drake with @CGtaughtme saying: ‘Lmao women sounding so betrayed because Drake shaved his beard like he can’t grow that back in 10 days.’

After the huge backlash Drake removed the picture and made a promise to fans…

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Drake caused a social media frenzy when he posted a photo of himself without his beard. The ‘Jumpman’ rapper clearly didn’t realize how big of a stir it would cause because he soon deleted the photo.

Many voiced their disproval of his new look and the rapper has since pledged to grow his beard back. “Beard making an epic come back in 2 weeks… only for you @nbcsnl,” he wrote.” TUNE IN TMRW NIGHT AT 11:30 ON NBC.”

Drake is the host and musical guest on Saturday Night Live May 14, and for whatever reason needs to be freshly shaved for the gig. Drake is seen in a promo with SNL star Leslie Jones who awkwardly places her hand on Drake’s butt. The pair discuss how they’re similarly “happy-go-lucky” people and asks Drake to let her “spank him like a baby,” with Jones encouraging him to do a song about it. Drake is game, singing a few bars for her of his next hit, “Spank You Like a Baby.”

Drake made his first appearance as a performer on SNL in Oct. 2011, then took on both hosting and performing in Jan. 2014.


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