“Corporate thugs like Diddy only know one language. Money” Said Drake discussing the altercation with his lawyer outside a Los Angeles courtroom.

According to numerous sources Diddy punched rapper Drake during Art Basel down in Miami for talking to his girlfriend singer Cassie. This picture of Drake with a black left eye has been floating around social media as of today confirming two things; He did get hit and Diddy is right handed:

“Diddy’s worth $700 million dollars. It’s only right he give me some of that for all my pain, suffering and inability to see my lyric sheet. So now my damn album going to be late.” Said the emotional rapper as he explained that he hasn’t been in the studio since the incident and hasn’t been able to see clearly citing it’s the first real fight he’s ever been in besides play fighting with numerous girlfriends. “I’m playing chess, Diddy’s playing checkers. My eye will heal, but his pockets will be hurt forever”

Diddy nor Drake has responded to the situation via social media, but I’m sure when Diddy sees this lawsuit he’ll look a little something like this:

Drake says he thinks rappers take the ‘thug’ role too serious and it’s time that rappers and artist pay for their actions and understand that their are consequences for your actions. Calls to Diddy’s manager and publicist have not been returned, because he’s probably somewhere counting money.


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