If you thought that Drake and Rihannna were a couple – you were WRONG. TMZ caught up with Drake’s father, who says that Rihanna and Drake are “just friends.” And that Drake has no commitment WHATSOEVER to Rihanna. Listen for yourself.

Reporters asked him what he thought of Drake and Rihanna, and he insisted that they’re still just kissing, matching tattoo-getting, love-proclaiming buds. “They’re friends, they’ve been friends for years,” he started. “I don’t know about settling down, no. He’s, they’re friends. They’re friends.”

Graham dismissed the billboard Drake bought for RiRi: “Everybody’s professing love….There’s no relationship, they’re friends.”

Rihanna, meanwhile, made her own statement on her and Drake’s relationship status last night. The singer, who was in New York City on Tuesday, was spotted out in Los Angeles at Drake’s concert.



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