Kanye West’s outrageous behavior has always made headlines, but the rapper is now embroiled in a drug scandal that puts him front and center of the spotlight.

A shocking video that exposes Kanye’s struggle with “bad drugs” has been circulating around his inner circle, and sources say its content can possibly ruin his marriage with Kim Kardashian. As Ye continues to fight his insurance company, more and more details about his secret lifestyle are surfacing.

Kanye West suffered a breakdown last year in the middle of his Saint Pablo tour, forcing him to cancel his engagements as he sought help at the UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles. Though it was said at the time that the rapper had canceled due to sleep deprivation and exhaustion, a newly unearthed video taken just days before his hospitalization suggests drugs may have played a part in his infamous breakdown.

According to Radar Online, Kanye commented in the damning video, “This is all about me getting off drugs, bad drugs.” The rapper also allegedly spoke about popping prescription painkillers.

An insider told In Touch the footage showed “a multi-day meltdown that includes crying fits, violence, wild behavior and the effects of sleep deprivation.”

“Kanye’s team was so concerned about it leaking that they refused to let it out of their control,” the source said. “The company argued that Kanye’s comments in the video…clearly triggered the prescription drug exclusion in the policy.

As previously reported, Kanye suffered “severe paranoia” and “hallucinations” before he checked himself into a hospital. He was also reportedly “profoundly depressed” at the time he sought professional medical help.


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