It was supposed to be a day for happiness and fun until a tragic accident causing a bus filled with people to over turn and slam into a bus stop.

It is said that the bus was on it way when the driver loss control on the vehicle causing it to overturn onto the side and slid into a bus stop, tossing passengers through the windshield.


 Over 50 percent of the bus’s capacity was injured and mourning as they lay in pain awaiting safety personnel to arrive onto the scene. A female was seen in the video footage captured by residents, to be the most serious of all injured persons as if she was not going to live.

See The video Below (discretion is advised)


    • I respectfully disagree with you. These tragedies must be a lesson to all the careless drivers and the passangers who are encouraging the slackness. The public needs to see what is happening. If we don’t want to see these videos, then drive carefully.

      • And you have that right to disagree, but let me ask you an interesting question. What if you are perusing FB and found video of you son, daughter, siblings, or close family members dead body on display? Would that be OK with you? I think this is one situation where we should allow the media people, who a have more professional way of handling NEWS, to do their job. P.S. These tragedies are hardly lessons, or else we would be professors by now. What we need is proper training prior to getting behind the wheels and less instances of delinquent driver getting licenses.


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