A 52-year-old ex-cop is now in custody after he was arrested and charged for allegedly sexually molesting a nine-year-old girl in Clarendon, late last week.

The suspected child molester is booked to appear in the May Pen Resident Magistrate’s Court later this week.

According to a police report, the suspect was arrested late last week after a complaint about an alleged sexual molestation was made against their former colleague who was slapped with a number of sexually related charges.

“Yes, he (ex-cop) was arrested after complaints that he allegedly sexually molested a nine-year-old. Following our investigation, he was charged. He is booked to appear in court during the course of this week,” a police officer stationed in Clarendon said.

It is reported that the parents became suspicious after the child returned from school later than usual. After questioning the child, the girl reportedly told her parents that the ex-cop had sexually assaulted and threatened to kill her if she disclosed what happened. It is reported that since the incident, the child has been admitted into hospital.


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