Well it’s been over a week now since Paparazzi Jamaica released exclusive leaked images of Dancehall artiste Alkaline without his eyes being tattooed which caused a stir all over Jamaica and beyond into the international scene.

Reports from all over claim the images are “Fake/Photoshopped” but we don’t think so, our source which we received these images confirmed that they weren’t altered in any way and to double check we asked our designer to examine the image and determine whether it has been altered or not and he confirmed that there is no evidence to say it was.

Since then, Paparazzi Jamaica watched and kept a keen eye out to see the response from the people and to see whether the artiste would make a comment about the situation but he did not so we now decided to release another close up image of him showcasing his eyes without his contact lens.


Now as you can see with your bare eyes the image above clearly shows what it seemed to be a normal looking eye once again, only thing i could say if these images are fake is to give the person who altered these images a PRIZE.

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