Social Media sensation Facebook Hero has apologized to his fans after receiving heavy backlash stemming from one of his recent Instagram post.

Several fans recently hit out against the popular Vlogger for what they claim is a blatant act of body-shaming against women after he posted a video blasting women with “long breasts” on his Instagram account.

“If yuh have yuh breast and yuh kill mosquito inna ur back wid it, no long breast,” said the viral comedian in his post, prompting several fans to express their disapproval for his behavior.

A few women expressed their disappointment in the comedian, blasting him for speaking down against women, who are often deeply troubled by their various insecurities.

The comedian has since apologized for his controversial statements, claiming that he meant no disrespect towards any of his female fans, and that the commentary was just a skit for comedic purposes.

Facebook Hero did however defend himself against some of his social media followers, who he claims went a little overboard in their criticisms, by replying to many of them and even threatening to them from his Instagram.


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