latives and friends of Nicketa Thomas and his cousin Dwight Brown are still at their wits end.

It has been eight days since both men have been gone missing and, as the hours tick away, their loved ones grow increasingly concerned. To bring their concerns under the spotlight, Thomas and Brown’s loved ones donned suits of white and marched through the Cassiadene area of St Andrew to search for the men. The area, which runs off Red Hills Road, was the last place both men were seen.


Nicketa Thomas, 37, is the better known of the two. He is an established photographer, who owns his establishment, Nickfotoworks. Thomas last resided at Aintree Road in St Andrew and is about five feet nine inches tall, brown complexion and medium build. He was wearing a Brazil football team jersey and a blue jeans pants when he and Brown were last seen on Monday October 5, in the vicinity of the Portia Simpson Miller Square.

However, Thomas’ brother, Everton Thomas, said his brother was asked to take Brown somewhere and was last seen in the Cassiadene area close to Cassia Park in St Andrew.

“The information I have is that Nick was asked to take his cousin somewhere and he was last seen walking along this same path here; and his cousin was seen in a heated argument with some men. We have not seen any of those guys, Nick or his cousin since then and Nick is well known,” Brown said.



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