Twenty hours after his return to the island, a family member of reputed Klansman leader Tesha Miller say they believed he is being wrongly blamed for many of the past happenings in the St Catherine based community.

The family member, his sister, said as a matter of fact the label of gang leader that authorities continue to place on Miller has made his life a living hell.

“Because of this stigma from 2003 he (Miller) has never manage to spend a full year on the road,” said the sister in the Loop News exclusive.

“Because of this stigma and the tag that authorities try to place on him the least little thing that happens he is the first one that they target and we believe this has to stop,” she said.

Many of these attacks are politically motivated and biased, he is just one person they should leave him alone.

The sibling of Miller also said that since he was deported to the island on Thursday the reactions of police has not helped.

“The police in a release said they would be closely monitoring Miller and that residents should not fear with his return, we believe that releases such as this is creating unnecessary tension,” said the family member.

“These reactions are just not helping the situation this is a person who is being accused for things that he has not done a lot of the attacks against him are biased and politically motivated and we want it to stop,” said the sibling.

“If he was the person they say he was since 2003 at-least five of his family members have been killed and during that time he has left the matter into the hands of the police,” she added.

Miller is back in the island after serving a prison term in the United States. He had been convicted in the United States in 2014 on a charge of illegal entry.

Miller fled to the United States after he was freed of gun and robbery charges by the Court of Appeal in March 2013.

He was sentenced in the High Court Division of the Gun Court to seven years’ imprisonment for illegal possession of a firearm and 15 years for robbery with aggravation, which led to him filing the appeal.

In June 2010, Miller, also called ‘Rat’, was acquitted of the 2004 gun murder of John Haughton in the Home Circuit Court because of insufficient evidence.

Months before, Miller was freed of the triple murders of Oraine Jackson, Jeffery Johnson and Nicole Allen in Braeton, St Catherine in January 2005.


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