Dancehall fans are lashing out against Macka Diamond after she took jabs at Ishawna’s recent single.

The Veteran Dancehall Artist released a new track titled ‘Nuh Tongue’ on Wednesday hitting out against Ishawna’s new controversial single ‘Equal Rights’ which glorifies men performing oral sex.

However critics have since labelled Macka Diamond as a hypocrite, citing that she once promoted the taboo act in a track titled “Twist Me” produced by DeJavu Records.

“Me swear me nah talk if you use you tongue lick it, wha happen inna we bedroom remain explicit,” Macka deejays in the single released in 2013.

Many fans also stated that the “Dye Dye” singer is simply jealous of Ishawna as no one wishes to please her sexually especially in that manner.

“Macka fi guh sidung wid her old self, a tru nobody nah give her head mek she bex,” one user stated.


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