Carnival roll has come and gone and it was not short of the famous Usain Bolt and his finance Kasi.
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Daily Mail recently posted an article featuring Usain and Kasi. In the article, there could be seen a few pics of the Usain Bolt but one picture, in particular, that had the internet coming for him again after his last incident about taking care of his feet.

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The pic was recently taken of him training with Dortmund. Now you tell me, why they had to choose this pic? Fans are outraged as they believe he has ‘enough money’ to treat himself better and that Kasi means him no genuine good.
Here are a few:

Usain b one old looking 31!

Usain Bolt has got to be the ugliest Olympic winner ever. Fix your teeth dude. Fix your teeth. This girl Kasi is banging with him for fame and money…

She is pretty. I have never seen a Victoria’s Secret model built like her though. The real story is how can she have sex with such an ugly man. Look at his teeth. He looks nasty.

With All that endorsement money, clothes, cars & But still a bad set of teeth! they look terrible ….yeesh, not a good look!

Ewwww, his teeth.

Yes, yuck. I know he’s got a lot of money but I would throw up if I had to kiss someone with teeth like that. Gross, not clean. And that probably means his breath has a foul odor. Just looking at his teeth is vomit inducing.

News FLASH! It is imperative to the quality of your life to maintain the health of your teeth. Someone tell Usain to invest in his teeth not fake breasts.

He’s a serial adulterer, she only stays with him for fame and the dollar.

Usain Bolt is a cheating dog who embarrassed her in the news when he cheated with a Brazilian student not long ago. Bolt is not a looker but she’ll stay with him due to his fame and status. Where’s her self-respect?

bet his breath smells wonderful like he just brushed his teeth with toilet water

his teeth are rotten.. fix them you have money man

She seems quite vain and would never have been with Bolt if he was not famous and rich. But is that not the case with most people and relationships on DM?

Geez……all the money Bolt has made and NO ONE will tell him to get those nasty lookin’ teeth fixed? Yuck. Dude, go to a dentist and get those teeth taken care of. That is gross.

I only wish I was nearby to let him know that his teeth is badly in need of care. I often do wonder why people neglect their teeth and they are the ones that loves to laugh. He need to take a good look at himself in the mirror. The time his girlfriend is trying hard to be in the papers, she need to get her partner a dental check up very soon.

You need a dentist Usain Bolt!

Don’t know his soccer skill as he might be a good player, but I am guessing that that being the one and only Usain Bolt didn’t hurt in getting to train with Dortmund.

Not serious? This comes after he was seen partying in late March at Tape nightclub in London. The athlete, 31, looked somewhat worse-for-wear; seen in March


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