Reggae fans aren’t happy about Jah Cure comparing himself to the legendary Bob Marley.

The ‘Unconditional Love’ singer made the comparison earlier this week after he purchase his new 2017 Mercedes-Benz AMG C63 S, the only one in Jamaica.

Jah Cure reportedly dropped JMD $30 Million on the new whip and according to him if the ‘Redemption Song’ hitmaker was still live he would do the same.

#JahCure showing off his new #MercedesBenz #c63s

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Social media users immediately blasted The Cure saying Bob wouldn’t do such a thing, “Bob Marley would of built a school. But enjoy your money same way still jah,” one user wrote.

“I doubt Bob would be driving in a car worth millions in JD,When Jamiaca n it’s citizen a dead fi hungry….,” another wrote.

“I hate when artistes compare themselves to a true Rasta like Bob Marley. Plus he was a Land Rover and BMW man.”

“Bob owned a Land Rover but these now a days Rasta about the hype. they have no guitar and equipments going in the vehicle like Bob did,” another added.


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