Dancehall fans are trolling Beenie Man after they noticed he has gained a few pounds.

In a video surfaced online last week, the ‘King of Dancehall’ can be seen dancing to his new single with some friends in Kingston, Jamaica however fans quickly pointed out that Beenie now has a belly since dating Television Presenter Krystal Tomlinson.

Its no big deal however perhaps fans were shocked as they are used to the Doc being slim and trim.

“Beenie Man why is your legs so thin and your belly so big for a big star like yourself go in the gym man,” one female fan wrote while another fan added, “But big man thing still. When yuh have money like Beenie Man, yuh fi go gym or hire a personal trainer rasta. Your image is important part of your performance?.

However some fans are defending Beenie by calling his fat shamers simple haters who has nothing else to do. “A rich man belly that these haters should go get a life and leave the Doc alone,” one fan added.


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