According to sources – A female student of the Alpha high school in Kingston was shot in the head on Thursday morning during a high speed chase involving a taxi operator.

Initial reports were that police signaled the taxi operator to stop, but the cab driver ignored the warning and led the cops on a high speed chase. Gunshots were reportedly heard later and the student and an adult were left nursing gunshot wounds.

Police sources are however reporting that the shooting incident was carried out by men wearing vests similar to that of the police but they were not officers of the law.

“What we can tell you is that a taxi operator transporting children had an altercation with a group of men in the area,” a senior officer of Kingston Central told Loop News.

As the taxi operator left the scene, a “group of men wearing vests” drove him down, the cop said, adding that shots were fired and the student injured.

“This is the information we received on the ground and this is the angle we are probing at this time,” the senior officer said.

The student’s condition is unclear at this time, and there are conflicting reports on whether an adult was also injured in the attack.


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