Fetty Wap and his child’s mother Lezhae Zeona had a nasty fight over the weekend and it all had to do with a radio interview.

Recently, Zeona stopped by Gems Radio¬†and opened up about her past relationship with Fetty and revealed a bunch of intimate details about their sex life and other things. She also claimed the rapper wasn’t paying child support, even though he’s one of the biggest artists out today.

That prompted the “My Way” creator to approach Zeona at her grandmother’s house and that’s when he threatened to harm her.

Wap also said he would shoot up the place where she does the next interview, but the young mother didn’t seem scared and dared him to follow through. Zeona even said she was doing another radio show later in the week and let the rapper know that his threats wouldn’t stop her from talking.

From there, more vicious insults were exchanged, and Zeona asked Fetty why he was running from people in his hometown but is brave enough to confront her.

There was also another gentleman in the car who was screaming at the rapper’s ex, and he eventually got out like he was going to approach her. At that time the Remy Boyz leader told the man to get back into the vehicle.

In addition, Zeona had a knife in her hand the whole time, obviously worried that Fetty was going to harm her.

Afterwards, he posted a video of himself laughing about the incident and seemed to brush the whole thing off. “Silly as hell,” wrote Wap. “Chilling in my drop, through.”

Whether Zeona contacted the authorities is unknown but if she did, the video serves as the perfect proof that Fetty did threaten her. In fact, he did it several times during the course of the clip.


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