Beyoncé is back in action only weeks after giving birth to twins Rumi and Sir Carter.

The music superstar stepped out in public for an intimate date night with hubby Jay-Z on Wednesday, marking the first time photographers spotted the new mama since last month’s highly-anticipated arrivals. Beyonce

Yes, since June 17, we have known that the twins were in our world, but we do not have much more to go on than that! Reports indicate—many of them sourced from a sighting of a pink and blue balloon delivery to the hospital—that she gave birth to a boy and a girl, but that is in no way conclusive until we get that information from Beyoncé herself. Beyoncé has not been seen since the delivery, either, a fact we were reminded of Sunday night when she sent Chloe and Halle to pick up a BET Award on her behalf. (Jay Z has been seen a few times, and also has a new album out on Friday—it will be interesting to see how the timing of that release matches up with the twins reveal.)

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The revealing of the  twins have also been highly anticipated and beyonce has ended the anxiety with a midnight post on Instagram. Rumi and Sir can be seen in the photo below:


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