Police from the Transnational Crime and Narcotics Division conducted an operation at the Sangster International Airport last Thursday, which resulted in the seizure of approximately 19 pounds of cocaine and the arrest and charge of five persons.




The arrested persons have been identified as:

• Sixty-year-old Claudette Miller-Robinson, entertainer and 34-year-old Simone Baccas, entertainment manager, both of Catherine Mount, Montego Bay, St. James.

• Thirty-seven-year-old Kevin Tapper, musician of Dartmouth Way, North Brunswick, New Jersey, USA.

• Thirty-five-year-old Karell Wisdom, entertainer of Sand Piper Place, Bogue Village, Montego Bay, St James.

• Thirty-four-year-old Garth Jobson, singer of Albion Heights Crescent, Montego Bay, St James.

• Twenty-nine-year-old Ramone Rowe, singer of Rose Mount, Hibiscus Lane, St James.

Reports are that, about 5pm, all six persons checked on to a flight destined for New York when they were stopped and searched by the Police. Cocaine weighing approximately eight pounds was found strapped to their bodies and hidden in their luggage.

Further investigations revealed that the four men had ingested cocaine pellets. They were taken to the hospital where a total of 438 cocaine pellets weighing approximately 11 pounds was expelled.

The cocaine has an estimated street value of $12 million.

The accused persons are scheduled to appear before the Montego Bay Resident Magistrate’s Court on Monday, December 29.


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