Five guys are presently in police care in connection to the occurrence in which a 17-year-old young lady was videoed being sexually ambushed in shrubs in Trelawny.

Leader of the Center for Investigation of Sexual Offenses and Child Abuse Superintendent Enid Ross-Stewart said minutes prior that of the five guys, everything except one, are more youthful than 18 years of age. She spoke to men to allow young ladies to sit unbothered, including that preying young ladies is “inadmissible”. The administrator said, on the off chance that it proceeds with, the future will be loaded with a few damaged ladies.

“We are nearing after them,” Superintendent Ross-Stewart charged.

Taking after the episode, which saw the feature being circled on online networking, the high schooler was set in private care by the Child Development Agency. The CDA has likewise been encouraging care and security and therapeutic and psycho-social backing to help in the kid’s recuperation.

The feature portraying the high schooler being ambushed by a gathering of guys has been circling on online networking.

As per CDA, Minister of Youth and Culture Lisa Hanna has been stayed up with the latest and is extremely dynamic in the matter, with an end goal to ensure the best enthusiasm of the kid.

“I am shocked and profoundly aggravated by this horrendous assault against a tyke, and the posting of the follow up on online networking,” the clergyman said.

The CDA additionally encouraged all well-thinking occupants to stand firm to report all known or associated cases with kid misuse to the powers and to separate and uncover abusers.


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