Foota Hype is accusing Alkaline of lying to his fans, hinting that the Dancehall artist’s US visa was revoked earlier this year after he was questioned during a murder investigation.

The outspoken Dancehall selector-turn-producer says he’s finding to hard to believe that the “Badness It Name” deejay was in New York last week and no one saw him.

“So Alkaline guh a big big New York, come affa plane, come outta airport, guh hotel, leave hotel, guh back a airport, inna New York and nobody nuh see him,” Foota Hype questioned.

Foota’s statements comes days after Alkaline was allegedly in the US but didn’t perform at the Ecips Music Festival after promoters failed to make his final deposits.

Foota Hype added that while other artists didn’t get their funds, they still took to stage to perform for their fans so if Alkaline was in New York he should’ve done the same.


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