Popular dancehall selector Foota Hype is now on the mend after suffering a minor stroke on Wednesday night.

The selector, who was playing at his own event, Gyallis Wednesdays, said that while he was playing, he felt half of his face go numb, and no sound was coming from his mouth while he spoke.

“I had a minor stroke on Wednesday night while I was playing in the club,” he told the STAR. “Half of my face was numb, and while I was talking, I noticed that sound/words were not coming out properly. I left the club and went home and went to the doctor in the morning.”

He was admitted to The University Hospital of the West Indies on Thursday morning and was released on Friday afternoon following a number of tests.

“I have received medication, and I had a number of tests that I did, including a CT scan to examine my brain.”

Despite having undergone a series of tests, Foota Hype said the cause of the stroke is still unknown.

“They are saying it could be one of a million things – could be poor blood circulation, lack of rest, stress, diabetic situation sending an effect. They can’t really pinpoint one particular thing that caused it,” he explained, seemingly still upbeat.

“I still have a number of tests that I’m going to have to do. I have to be very careful now with my medication and my diet. It’s just another hurdle in my life, something else that I need to overcome, but I know that I can overcome it.”

The doctors may not know what caused Foota Hype’s stroke, but the selector has a theory which involves the spiritual world.

“People don’t realise that we are not here alone, and other dimensions are opening and people are travelling from other places and coming here,” he said.

“There are angels here and demons; people on the bright side and people on the dark side.”

Spiritual attack

Foota Hype is convinced that it was a spiritual attack because the incident happened almost immediately after he spoke about the spirit world while playing at Gyallis Wednesdays.

“Shortly after that half, of my face went numb and started twisting to one side. Maybe I was talking something they didn’t want me to talk, but I believe in God, and that he’s protecting me, so I’m not going to be afraid to speak and enlighten the nation if God directs me in that path.”

Foota Hype went on to express his joy at still being alive, and thanked those who’ve been showing their support since the incident, especially those in the music fraternity.

“I am very grateful and thankful to God that I am not worse. I am still able to talk, still able to walk. I was in the hospital and saw a lot of persons who cannot talk, who cannot walk, and they have the same illness as me,” Foota Hype said.

“Thanks to everybody who wished me a speedy recovery and sent out prayers. Life is unpredictable – you’re here this minute and the next minute you’re gone.”

He added that he will be going back to the hospital for observation in the next few days.


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