Gully Gal is an upcoming artist from France. She is actually having a great success answering to the Gully Bop “Every Gal Want a Wuk Affa Mi” tune. Turning the concept for the females, she declares that every man want “a wuk” after her. Sexually explicit, the tune explains that she is a “cocky expert”. With a lot of humour, Gully Gal turned the lyrics of Gully Bop for the girls, she relates that sex is something very funny and even the “cocky nuh wuk” she keeps it robust because of her talen

“In the Carribean culture, talking about naked bodies and practicing sex is not a taboo and as a French woman it is difficult to make the people understand my meaning in this country” explains Gully Gal. “Sex is still under covered in Europe and people perception of sex must be a hidden and personal thing.

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When you talk about sex in Europe and you claim it, people think that’s very cheap, dirty or vulgar. My conception of sex is that it would be something natural that everybody should talk about, a god’s present which give us lot of fun, health, life and love. In some of culture far from Occident, the respect that people give to sex can be very different. In India, some countries in Africa, Carribean, Thailand it seems that sex can be worshiped, praised, turned as funny thing and it is not a taboo.”


Gully Gal was born in 1988, she’s going to reach 27 soon. She is also known as Digitalda with her tune titled “What a Gwaan” and its video at Notting Hill Carnival in London released in 2013.
She grew up in a record seller shop with her father who is a black music album collector and a vendor. She’s sometime a gospel singer and a selector. Fan of Carribean culture since she is 13 years old, she started to practice deejaying at the age of 17. She met lot of Jamaican in France and started to learn the patois with them. Radio, parties, soundsystems, when reggae and dancehall came in her town, Gully Gal was in the frontline, because of her greedy appetite to learn about Jamaican culture.


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