Videos showing mourners wining and dancing at a funeral in Arima have gone viral.

The videos  shows mourners dancing to the burial ground at the Santa Rosa cemetery. Even the pallbearers who transported the coffin of the deceased, Roger aka Bubbles who died of kidney failure, were dancing. At the cemetery they were met by a riddim section comprising people from the community.

The mourners were dressed in T’shirts with Roger’s face. Zachary Allen, the guy who filmed and posted the video, works for Allen and Sons, his family’s funeral home that facilitated the celebration of Roger’s life.

He said the funeral was a reflection of the life Roger led.

“Roger lived at the back of the funeral home in Jonestown. Everybody who lives there come like part of the funeral home, everyday we seeing them. Roger was the kind of man don’t like no sadness and bad vibes, no trouble and thing. Just give him a nip of Puncheon and amazing things would happen,” he said.

He said the community, together with the funeral home, decided to give Roger that celebratory send off.

“Really through Allen and Sons anything is possible. If anybody else want a funeral like that is no scene,” he said, plugging his family’s business.

Asked if he expected the videos to go viral, with one alone receiving 176,533 views, Allen said he was surprised.

“I didn’t know this was woulda get so I just do it cause Roger live good, he was a good one. This was just for everybody to see who Roger was, he was a vibes.”

Commenting on those who had a problem with music from Jamaican dancehall artiste Gage being played, Allen said a person’s funeral show a lot about the person.

“If I go a funeral and you playing a Gage and everybody happy and drinking that mean you live good, you were a good person. I see people talking bout gangster thing, it have no gangster funeral, is just one love, nothing negative,” he said.


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