There was a strange scene at the Spanish Town Resident Magistrate’s Court on Monday when a man had to seek refuge inside a female bathroom after being attacked by his enraged male lover.

The incident, which occurred about noon while court was in session, started after one of the men heard that the other was taking out a restraining order against him.

People began paying attention after the men began arguing with one another, mercilessly, throwing punches at the other. In between being beaten, the man, believed to be playing the role of the woman, cursed that he was tired of being battered and needed to move on.

“You are just constantly abusing me, you not even working, but continue to beat me up. Look at my back,” the slimly built man said, showing onlookers several cuts and scars on his body before fleeing into the bathroom.

Sat outside

The other male, who is stoutly built, had a word of warning for him. “Yu can’t lef mi until mi ready fi yu lef so stop get mi angry,” he said, as he sat outside the courthouse waiting for his lover to come outside.

Unbeknown to him, the battered lover went through a window at the rear of the bathroom and fled the premises.

“Mi can’t believe mi eye! Mi only si when one of the man grabbed the odder one and sey mi no give yuh permission fi lef di yaad so how come yuh have mi name out yah,” Michael Denver, a bystander, who witnessed the unbelievable incident said.

Other persons expressed shock at what unfolded. “Even di rain stop when the two man dem start the ediat action, a real slackness dis and God a show we sign,” another bystander added.


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