Popcaan has react to Shawn Storm diss track “No Frauds.”

On Friday, Shawn Storm unleashed on his former Gaza member in a new diss track “No Frauds” where he accused the Hotskull deejay of being a fraud and a police informant during the high profile murder trial that sent both Vybz Kartel and himself to prison. “Dont hate the player, pussy hate the game #UPFOREVER,” Popcaan wrote on Instagram. “Me nuh give a f*** Wey the media say.” “Up Forever” is the title of his new single that he is currently promoting.

Shawn Storm held nothing back in his diss track and even name drop Popcaan letting everyone know that he is deejaying about the former Gaza prefect. “Say Gaza from me a wear nappy / New name for informer Poppy / Them boy a some groupie Droopy get the Vybz Rum and don’t dilute it,” Storm rhymes. It’s unclear when the track was recording since Shawn Storm is currently serving a life sentence for the murder. But on a side note, music has been recording in Jamaican prison for years and will not stop anytime soon.

Popcaan DISSED Shawn Storm on Instagram after DISS SONG!

Gaza fans reacted to Popcaan’s post on Instagram calling him “SELL OUT, INFORMA, DRAKE GROUPIE” etc.

Recently we posted that Popcaan was losing his fan base due to his “WEAK” tracks he’s been releasing over the past months.

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