Dancehall artist Paj-X is calling Vybz Kartel’s freedom in a new single titled “Go Fi Kartel.”

A young upcoming deejay has recently gained some significant attention after releasing a track encouraging Gaza fans to “Go Fi Kartel.”

The witty track, which pays homage to the incarcerated Dancehall superstar, has gained considerable traction among Gaza fans since its release on YouTube. It has also gained more attention since Wednesday’s fire at the Tower Street Adult correctional facility where the deejay is currently housed.

Paj-X was however quick to clarify that the song is not a literal call for fans to break Vybz Kartel out of prison, but rather an artistic expression showing how the industry misses the iconic deejay and needs his return.

Some Dancehall insiders have labelled the track as simply another attempt to capitalize on Kartel’s brand. However the young deejay has denied these claims, saying he is simply paying homage to his idol.

Vybz Kartel’s appeal for his murder conviction is set to begin in February 2018.


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