“One Man” artist Gaza Slim, has really been in the public eye of late, from coming under heavy scrutiny and having charges brought against her in the Vybz Kartel’s murder trial. Gaza Slim was also thought to be having an affair with the now incarcerated deejay, who was also her boss.

The most recent rumours that began to circulate were that Gaza Slim, also known as Vawnessa Bling, were involved in intimate relations with fellow artist I-Octane. Slim came forward to dismiss the preposterous social media claims and to clear the air that she is only friends with I-Octane and the only relationship they have is one of a professional level.

Many persons feel that her hit single “Cyaa do it” which features I-Octane, is in an effort to clear the air and literally let it be known that there wasn’t anything going on. Slim made it clear in an interview that “Mi nuh like nuh controversy and mi is a married woman, me Vawnessa Bling otherwise known as Gaza Slim is a married lady”.

It is now being speculated that Slim is indeed not in a relationship with I-Octane, but is instead engaged to be married to fast rising “Nobody nuh haffi know” entertainer, Kranium. But of course, social media has a lot to say about this. The media is talking that Slim’s interest in Kranium is purely circumstantial as he is a US citizen and she is using this as an attempt to acquire US citizenship as well.

According to Jamaicamateyangroupie’s pink wall, Slim came under heavy fire from a friend of Kranium’s ex, who stated that Kranium is still seeking to reestablish relations with…even though she has moved on and is married.

Slim isn’t giving much ear to these talks but she has said that she doesn’t like the spreading of rumours and wish for it to stop, “Suh people please stop it, mi nuh like it,” she said.


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