What do the craft world and makeup world have in common? GLITTER. Both are commonly used to make eyes sparkle and crafts shine. But after hearing one woman’s story about the dangers of this seemingly innocent material, you’ll definitely think twice about ever putting glitter near your eye again.


The tragic story begins when mother of 2, Erica Diaz, was applying her make-up to head out for dinner. While applying her eye shadow specs of glitter accidentally fell in her eye and got lodged there. The tiny spec ended up doing unimaginable and irreversible damage…

According to a GoFund Me page, which is aiming to raise awareness for the mother entrepreneurial mother of 2: “My friend, Erica Diaz recently lost a good portion of her eye to glitter. That’s right, I said “glitter”. While cleaning up, a piece of glitter fell into her eye, and cut her cornea. The cut opened her eye up to infection. The infection quickly spread throughout her eye, filling her eye with pus and causing her excruciating pain from the pressure.”


Erica had emergency surgery on her eye, to try and save it. While they were only supposed to take a small portion, they ended up needing to take out much more than anticipated. Also, during the surgery, because of the extent of the infection, the anesthesia did not properly work and she had to be sedated more than originally planned. Erica has extensive allergies and sensitivities, which makes surgery, anesthesia and post op care even more challenging. ” Diaz and friends are now spreading the word about the dangers of glitter, while hoping to raise some money for the expensive surgeries she needs to get a prosthetic eye.





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