Is the question posed by social media users after Popcaan was according to some, again snubbed by rapper Drake.

“Drake straight up showing fake love to PopCaan” is what one social media user expressed following the release of Drake’s new playlist of 22 songs which features only PopCaan slangs. This action has left many pondering “when will PopCaan get a feature?”

On the playlist titled “More Life”, Drake has a track titled GalChester in which the rapper copies the Jamaican dialect in addition to the extensive use of PopCaan’s slangs.

Meanwhile, Poppi continues to post highlights with Drake. One post includes a video of himself and Drake heading towards a private jet. While another shows him with Nicki Minaj at Drake’s listening party for his playlist.

PopCaan and Drake have developed a friendship since the rapper first endorsed his Unruly brand in 2013.


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