The entire town came out to see Gully Bop on a recent stop in Portland, Jamaica, but the most touching part of the visit according to Gully Bop was when a little girl approached him in tears telling him, “I am your biggest fan.”

Mi did affi fight back tears when mi si di lice girl. Mi know seh mi have a responsibility as an entertainer to do the right thing when it come to the lickle kids dem. Mi know seh mi affi be careful wid di whole heap a slack song dem. Mi nah seh mi nah mek nuh more, cause a dat bust mi but mi nah guh perform dem infant of di kids. Mi soon start sing some nice songs fi di children dem.

Gully Bop has been showing the children in Jamaica a lot of love. Often calling  on Miss Chin to treat them to ice-cream and even giving them money.

Over the past few months Gully Bop has gained a lot of fans all over the world, but there has been a lot of people that criticize him harshly. We all need to realize that this man has the power to influence so we should nurture and encourage him to do the right thing…the dancehall industry needs that.


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