Since the ascent of Gully Bop in the Dancehall scene late 2014, he has stayed important by performing on Stage Shows over the island which has issued him a ton of fans.


Gully Bop is known for his free styling and his knowing on how to keep the crowd active during his performances.

Gully Bop is on the rise and he seems very to be a very promising Dancehall artist to bring back that style in Dancehall which has been lacking.


In spite of the fact that he has made a name for himself he is not by any means the only one on the adventure, Gully Bop has a Fiancé/Manager “Shauna Chin” that takes great care of him while controlling him, however, lately Gully Bop has gotten the chance to perform abroad on his current Tour in the United Kingdom. His Fiancé Shauna Chin did not go on Tour with him and since his landing in the UK Social Media has been spiraling that Gully Bop has discovered a New Woman.

Photographs below:



Gully Bop, as of late answered to all these gossipy tidbits expressing “I would never undermine my Fiancé (Shauna Chin)” just to cool Social Media endeavors to make Shauna appear like a moron.

What do you think about the circumstance within reach? Do you think Gully Bop has an England mistress or not ?

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