Dancehall artiste Gully Bop, shaken up in a motor vehicle accident, claimed that reckless driving by the other party led to the car crash on Thursday morning.

“You blind, you out of order with your little out-dated car? You better ready to come fix back wi car. You better line up fi do that. Ah Gully Bob this ah talk, the international,” the dancehall sensation said in an interview with Loop News at the scene of the accident.

Gully Bop was a passenger in a Nissan motor car, being driven by girlfriend Shauna Chin, on Waterloo Road, St Andrew when the incident occured.

 “You can’t ah turn so lady!” said Gully Bop, adding that the woman was “lucky” that he wasn’t the one driving because “mi nuh guh nuttin under 50 (miles per hour).”


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