After waking up with neck injuries, a gash in her head and other cuts and bruises, Gully Bop’s fiancĂ©e and manager, Shauna Chin, now believes that someone may be trying to ‘obeah’ her.

Chin was involved in a serious car accident in Duncans, Trelawny, on Saturday while returning to Kingston. According to her, the other three passengers were left unscathed.

“Four of us in the car, and I was the only one wearing a seat belt. The road was dry, and just that one wet spot in the corner. I tried to press the brakes, but nothing happened. Me haffi bawl out fi the blood of Jesus. The car spin three times and flip three times. Everybody else good; is just me one injured. It make a think all type of things,” she told THE STAR.


Chin added that she is one of the few individuals with Gully Bop’s best interest at heart, which is why someone is deliberately trying to get rid of her.

“I have been getting a fight. This could definitely be obeah because they want to get rid of me so that Bop won’t have anyone to look out for his best interests. They don’t want me around Gully Bop. Me nah call no name, but some people a try get rid of me,” she said.

According to Chin, she checked herself out of the hospital this morning, because she needed to get Gully Bop’s affairs in order.

“They did this to slow me down, but I have to get things going for Bop. I have everything in the car, and everything flip out and the car write-off. Me caan make Bop thing drop. Me haffi make sure him good,” she said.

Chin also had a few choice words for the persons she believes are responsible for her accident.

“Unuh caan stop me. Good try, but I’m covered by the blood of Jesus. Me cudda dead, but God spared me for a purpose. You can’t stop what is meant to be. Me always say Jesus,” she said.


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