A small survey taken by our team at J-ream Project-x  in Kingston, Jamaica with a sample size of fifty men (50) and fifty (50) women was able to tell partially why men were less likely to cope with an unfaithful spouse. Of course we would have loved to ask more questions, but corporation was our main goal so we  kept it short. We asked two questions with options for both Genders. They were:

1. What is your main reason for feeling hurt when a spouse cheats? A. You can’t believe they were unfaithful to you B. You sacrificed anything to make the relationship work C. You were not perfect, but always did your best D. You exercised space and helped them to grow and develop

2. What was your first thought when you found out? A. Immediate Break-up B. Revenge by cheating as well C. Try to work things out D. Just cry on the spot  E. Harm them

The number of women who actually cried was astonishing with 45/50 women declaring that they did just that while 20/50 men said the first thought was to harm them while another 24 revenge by cheating was their only motive. That’s a total of 44 men taking a route that their opposite half would most likely find distasteful.

Interestingly enough most women 31/50 admitted that they “sacrificed everything” for the relationship compared to just 9/50 men with 29/50 men stating that they can’t believe they were cheated on. So, if they didn’t sacrifice everything for the betterment of the relationship then why do they believe it would work? Well according to psychologist Dr. Giselle  Leon Jiminez, marriage & family therapist. A man’s ego is what makes him volatile to more pain. He simply can’t imagine another man “conquering his territory”, he is like a lion who wants to be king of his jungle and it is simply much harder to accept that his “lioness” was submissive unto another and in doing so that means there has to be some genuine feelings present. Whether you agree with Dr. Jiminez’s theory is up for debate, but it is certainly one worth considering.


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