People are always asking, how an intelligent man such as Vybz Kartel could bleach his skin. We know the reasons behind Vybz Kartel bleaching the skin and most of the reasons are true for most skin bleachers.

1. In Jamaica, like many other predominantly Black countries, the phrase “black and ugly “is used way too often. Who can forget the song “One more chance” when Biggie Smalls wrapped, “black and ugly as ever”.

2. He is from a country where he saw great Black talents like Sizzla, Peter Tosh and Beenie Man being outshined by lesser light skin talents like Sean Paul, Bob Marley and Shaggy.

3. As talented and intelligent as Vybz Kartel is, he is actually mentally weak and has a low self-esteem. Yes, it is possible to be intelligent and be mentally weak with a slow self-esteem at the same time.

4. He had witness a country like Jamaica where over 90% of the women are of dark complexion with African features, yet when it comes to beauty pageants over 90% of the time, the woman representing Jamaica is light skin with African features.

5. It worked for Michael Jackson. That is Michael “cake soap” Jackson for the real dancehall fans.

6. Even the great Usain Bolt who happens to be a big fan of Kartel, is too dark for much of uptown. So much so that Sean Paul’s wife said he wished the fastest man in the world would go back where he came from.

7. Jamaican men love their cars, their bike, their money and thing but most of all, they love their browning. The same is true for Jamaican women.


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