Gage has decided to quit the practice of bleaching his skin.

The Dancehall entertainer best known for hits such as “Throat,” “Kitty Kat” and “In Deh” is making drastic changes to both his image and lyrical content, as he aims to fine tune his craft.


According to the deejay, the decision to stop bleaching his skin was a easy one, as it was never actually his idea in the first place. He claims the move was merely a marketing ploy encouraged by his former management team.

The deejay claims he was encouraged to bleach his skin in an effort to create a more marketable Dancehall image, however since changing representation he feels it is time to implement his own ideas.

Gage did however reveal that his reasons for dropping the controversial practice had nothing to do with any form of public backlash, but was rather was his own spontaneous choice.

He says he is also making a conscious effort to revamp the content of his music, and has been releasing tracks intended to inspire others. Some of his recent releases include “Views,” “Adultry,” and “Family.”


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