I-Shawna is simply a cut above the rest. The young singer grew up between Seaview Gardens in Kingston and Brooklyn, New York honing her unique ability to move effortlessly between gorgeous RnB and gully Dancehall.

I-Shawna has been in and out of the Dancehall space since her break up with baby father Foota Hype. Recent hit song “Equal Rights” has taken Jamaicans by storm because of it’s unique and vulgar lyrics which many females took a likening to.

I-Shawna is now in the spot light again, not for any new tracks but for her disrespecting comments towards Jamaican theater legend “Ms. Lou”.

Ishawna Angers Fans After Disrespecting Miss Lou & Jamaica’s History

Mention the name Miss Lou, and a wave of pride and nationalism floats over the vast majority of Jamaicans for the work and worth of folklorist, poet, writer, stage and screen actress, social activist and educator, Louise Bennett Coverley.

Many Jamaicans reacted instantaneously with a slew of diss from Dancehall artistes, public figures and fans of I-Shawna with hate threads that doesn’t seem to be ending anytime soon. At this rate I-Shawna will be the most hated Jamaican Dancehall artiste for no doubt unless she makes an public apology to the nation.

What do you think? Is I-Shawna the most hated Dancehall ariste now? Leave all comments below:


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