The Dancehall industry is buzzing with rumors of Alkaline and Popcaan allegedly ending their longtime feud.

The rumors started circulating last week claiming that the ‘Microwave’ deejay and ‘Stray Dog’ singer had a meeting last month in Canada and decided to end their rivalry.

“Differently a lot of persons are saying Alkaline and Popcaan end their feud last month in Canada because dem a pree the international market and the constant diss tracks a mash up dem image,” a source told The Tropixs.

The two also added fuel to the rumors when they were spotted rocking the same ‘Trapstar’ T-shirt a few weeks ago, insiders say the move was intentionally.

However sources close to the Unruly camp added that if the rumors are true fans shouldn’t expect to see Alkaline and Popcaan becoming friends. “It makes more sense business wise so i believe it could happen but don’t expect them to be chilling like best friends maybe it’s just a truce to end the war,” sources said.

Earlier this year the Vendetta deejay shocked fans when he responded to Popcaan’s ‘Stray Dog’ diss track with a gritty single titled ‘Microwave’ and ‘Death To Microwave,’ the ‘Unruly Boss’ is yet to responded.


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