Rob, probably on orders from his producers, took to his nand leaked Blac Chyna’s nudes. As ratings for Keeping Up With The Kardashians keep falling Rob Kardashian played the wildcard.

But think about it, how can you expose a stripper? Is that even possible? Who hasn’t seen what she packing. Not to mention that the whole world knew that Blac Chyna was nothing serious to anyone why would he try to wife her? She’s known to be with many celebrities..more like a private escort don’t you think?

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If it was real, maybe he was hoping for a romantic story like ‘Pretty Woman’. you, know the show with the prostitute and she meets and nice guy who believes in changing her, and she becomes a better woman. Well that failed?

Why else would Chyna not e able to sue Rob for ‘Porn Revenge’? It was all under contract. He cant be sued for what the producers made them agree to.

Blac Chyna Leaked Nudes! [EXPLICIT CONTENT]

And then here comes mother and all the sisters in the picture (as always). Perfect opportunity hoping people will watch their ‘reality series’ to know what really happening and their viewers ratings go up. Well played



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