It started with horse meat, then it went on to the so-called “Pink slime” (lean finely textured beef), but now, human meat?

Recent discoveries have been made in a McDonald’s meat factory in Oklahoma and is now being found in other McDonald’s meat factories all over the country.

The inspectors did not only find what appeared to be human flesh stored in the factory freezers in Oklahoma City, but also in the trucks outside, ready to be shipped out to other McDonald’s restaurants in various states around in USA.

As you could hope, health inspectors have demanded that inspections is going to be made by the effect of immediately at ALL McDonald’s meat productions and have already found traces of human DNA at several locations.

The United States Department of Agriculture, USDA, has seized all further meat production from McDonald’s factories until a thorough investigation has been made. Not only the USDA, but FBI is also set to make an investigation of the meat factories to see what is really going on.

FBI agent Lloyd Harrison have said to the news:

How sick is that?

There are so many questions here that we all want answers to. I mean, how long could they have been using human meat without us knowing?

And can they get away with this? Is it possible to even bring a company like McDonald’s to the ground?

To get to the bottom of this, we put our own researchers on the matter to see if we could find more background info about all this and apparently, people have suspected this in the past as well.

We found a shocking undercover audio recording of Rabbi Abe Finkelstein talking about this matter.

Who’s to know that it is only McDonald’s who are doing this?

What will come out of this is for us to see over the coming days or weeks.

But in the meantime, I’d skip that cheeseburger if I were you!


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