The mother of Kahjeel Mais on Tuesday described in tearful evidence how she watched her son take his last breath at the hospital and how how she passed out.

Allana Mais testified in the Home Circuit Court that she visited the Kingston Public Hospital on the night of July 1 after being informed that her son had been shot.

Mais said she saw doctors and nurses around him at the emergency room.

“One of the doctors held on to me and I saw him take his last breath,” the woman testified before a panel of seven jurors.

“I saw him breathing for a while then made a gasp and there was nothing more,” she said during her examination in chief.

“I knew I started screaming and I woke up in the same hospital next door to [Kahjeel],” she said under questioning from lead prosecutor Jeremy Taylor.

Mais was in taxi when he was shot in Heavendale on the night in question.

He was reportedly heading to meet up with friends to attend a fete at the Meadowbrook High School.

In addressing jurors Tuesday, Taylor said that the shooting resulted from a case of road rage.

Taylor said the taxi in which Mais was travelling bumped the BMW X6 being driven by accused Patick Powell. He said Powell got out his vehicle and fired several shots into the vehicle, hitting Mais.

The prosecutor said the case hinges on witness Wayne Wright, the taxi driver, and that the greatest factor will be credibility.

Powell is being tried on charges of shooting with intent to cause grevious bodily harm, for shooting at Wright and murder for the death of Mais.

Khajeel’s father Noel Mais Jr testified about identifying the body of his son and said that Khajeel had a bullet wound to the head.

Detective Corporal Jerome Williams is the next witness in the case that resumed at 2pm on Tuesday.


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