Ishawna has been getting a lot of hate these days but she seems unbothered.

Since the release of her new raunchy single “Equal Rights” earlier this month, many Dancehall fans have been blasting her online calling her derogatory names.

A few critics also labelled the former Downsound Records singer as a Sketel, however according to Ishawna she likes the name and is proud to be a sketel as the life fits her well.

I-Shawna Responds to Bounty Killer … “Mi Ready Fi War Yuh A Portland Next Week Rodney”

“Sketel life fit mi… mi suppose to be a sketel because mi have what it takes to be a sketel,” Ishawna said in a video posted to her Instagram account. “Who vex?… who bloodc****t vex, if unu feel bad bout it just push unu finger inna unu throat and vomit fi get rid addi bad feelings.”


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