Ishawna is back at the top with “Equal Rights” as Shenseea continues to fall.

The former Downsound Records artist has making rounds online since the start of the month when she released the raunchy single.

Ishawna strategically dropped “Equal Rights” which tackles the long standing issue of most men failing to preforming oral sex after Shenseea lost her stronghold following her Vybz Kartel “Loodi” drama.

Shenseea came under fire a few weeks ago when it was revealed that her smash hit single with Vybz Kartel was never a collaboration.

Now Ishawna isn’t showing any signs of slowing down for Summer 2017. The singer travelled to the US last week to do a few media runs as she continues to promote her latest projects including “Equal Rights,” “Look How Me Sweet” and “Budget 2017.”

Earlier this week a fan of the “Restraining Order” singer launched an “Equal Rights” gaming app and now her supporters are lobbing for Ishawna to win a Grammy for the single.

“Mi honestly believe say she deserve a Grammy because she brave,” one fan said. “Other [male] artistes a sing bout them thing deh and no body nah lick out pon them.”

“I agree the song deserves a Grammy it bad mi love it and mi send it to my man and him love it. Ishawna a the new Lady Saw mi love her bad give us more songs like this my girl, equal rights me say,” another wrote.

Meanwhile, Shenseea is slated to go on tour this summer. The “Jiggle Jiggle” singer teamed up with Ghetto Youth Empire and Music Got Soul for a tour in Europe this Summer which will run from August 11 to August 26, 2017.


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