American R&B artiste Ashanti has nothing but high praises for Jamaica and reggae music.

Onstage’s Winford Williams caught up with her at Fiction Night Club where she hosted a New Year’s eve party.

“I absolutely love Jamaica, I love Jamaican culture I love reggae music, I always say I don’t know what happened to me I was supposed to be born Jamaican and it got messed up, my situation didn’t planned out that way,” she said.

For Ashanti, when she needs to improve her mood and put her mind in a really good space, the musical remedy for her is reggae music.

“So it feels really awesome being here and celebrating the new year,” she said.

Ashanti is no stranger to the music as last year she did a combination with Beenie Man – a D Wisdom cover, First Real Love.

The former Murder Inc artiste is known for songs such as What’s Luv, Always Be On Timeand Baby.


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