Most Jamaicans are elated over the recent news that Vybz Kartel has been given another chance to prove his innocence and plead not guilty for the murder of Clive “Lizard” Willams.

Earlier today The Jamaican Star released an report stating the Court of Appeal Judge has allowed Vybz Kartel the chance to retest his trial which many thought he was wrongfully convicted without concrete evidence.

BREAKING: Court of Appeal Judge Granted Vybz Kartel Permission To Appeal 2014 Murder Conviction

Base on evidence tampering and no concrete proof that Vybz Kartel was the person who killed Clive “Lizard” Willams everything should move smoothly and the judge should release Vybz Kartel soon.

They were sentenced the following month to life imprisonment, with the possibility of parole after serving a period of 25 and 35 years behind bars.

The men are represented by Tom Tavares-Finson, QC, and Michael Lorne.

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