Jamaican singer/dancer Toni ‘Bella’ Blair is furious at Ishawna following her Miss Lou diss on Instagram.

According to Blair the ‘Equal Rights’ singer’s comments are a direct result of when, ‘people who never really pay attention in school get so much popularity and influence.’

In a lengthly rant on Snapchat and Instagram – that has since been deleted – Bella continued by saying Ishawna should go read a from the legendary Jamaican poet so she can find good line for her next single.

Vanessa Bling Got TROLLED On Instagram After Stealing Kasi Bennet’s Outfit!

“PS: Posting rip ain’t gonna change that fact that u disrespected a legend,” she added. while hash tagging ‘Bye Felicia.” – View Full Post Below.

Ishawna has been coming under fire since last week after she controversial posted on Instagram that “mi nuh dress inna tablecloth like Miss Lou”..


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