Most people are accepting of the fact that some women choose to wear hair extensions or weaves, to add length and volume to their hair.

However, as the trend becomes increasing popular among the opposite gender, many have taken issue with what has been dubbed, “man-weaves,” with some citing that it is too feminine, while others claim it is deceptive.

According to an African American men’s blog, men wear weaves for a variety of reason, some of the most popular being receding hairline or simply fashion/ style.

While the trend is more popular among American men, the trend is slowly starting to make head way in the Caribbean region and even in the Jamaican dancehall.

Jamaican dancehall artistes, like Vybz Kartel and Alkaline have been rumoured to have rocked hair extensions, with Vybz Kartel even singing about his hair extensions in one of his popular tunes, “”Get Gal Anywhere,” which features local producer, Tarik “Russian” Johnston.

Do you remember Vybz Kartel’s infamous line, “Gal a seh mi love di extension inna yuh hair?

According to one local hairstylist, more and more men are coming to the hair dressing salon for hair extensions as well as weaves.

One popular video showing man weaves has been making the rounds on social media platforms, like Facebook and Instagram, with many expressing interest in the budding trend in male hairstyling, particularly men in the dancehall circle.

“More and More man a turn up a dance in a weave hair, ketch yah, I guess a the in thing,” said one female commenter.

Another commenter thought the hairstyles created for men with weaves looked pretty “cute”, while others remained sceptical, with one commenter saying that, “some things are just for women, and weaves are one of them”.

“If it is cool for women to wear wigs and weaves and deceive men, so I guess men have a right too,” added one commenter.


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