Ishawna has fired back against Macka Diamond amidst their current feud.

On Wednesday the female veteran Dancehall artist released a diss track titled ‘Nuh Tongue’ taking jabs at Ishawna’s controversial track “Equal Rights,” which glorifies men performing oral sex.

“A wah dem wan fi do turn dancehall inna freaky show?” Macka questions in the single.

“A wah happen to dem? a weh the goodup big h**d man dem deh? / unu grab up unu c**ky yah now.”

“Mi want a big h**d man fi f**k mi out / mi nuh want nuh boii weh a suck mi out / C**ky mi seh mi want and not yuh mouth / wid yuh freaky lifestyle boii lock yuh mouth,” Macka deejays.

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Since the single’s release many Danehall fans have branded Macka Diamond as a hypocrite, adding that she’s simply jealous of Ishawna’s recent success.

On Thursday, Ishawna who is currently in New York, took to her Instagram account to address the issue.

“B***hes be salty AF but dem still nuh have no flava?,” she wrote.


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