Ishawna is addressing her newly found haters.

The controversial artist came under fire last week after she dropped her new single ‘Equal Rights.’

The track sees Ishawna singing about men performing oral sex which serves as a remix of English singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran’s smash hit single ‘Shape Of You.’

Unbothered from the backlash online, the former Downsound Records artist says she expected it and doesn’t care.

“Ishawna is just laughing at the comments online because this is what we expected was going to happen,” Sources close to the “Restraining Order” singer told The Tropixs.

“We even see a nobody artist release diss song, him sound well hurt and we not even know him. But let mi tell you this, its because nuff a dem a eat mek dem a bash goodie [Ishawna].”

“Right now she hot fi the summer and she just got started,” the source added.

Ishawna also uploaded a video on Saturday addressing her haters saying she’s ‘Festive.’


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