Queen Bey wants a baby! There have been reports that she’s already pregnant, thanks to some *suspicious*wardrobe choices, and if it hasn’t happened yet, she certainly wants it to! “Beyonce’s definitely trying to get pregnant,” a source said. And not just any ol’ baby. A male one. “HOVA has given her everything she’s wanted in life and she wants to give him the ultimate gift every father dreams of – a son!”

Yonce has turned to her pal that just recently squeezed out a boy for advice on the situation. “She’s been on the phone with Kim constantly, asking about her pregnancy with Saint,” the source continued “But even more than that, B’s been interrogating Kim about what it’s like to have a son and asking about Kanye and Saint’s interactions.” Seems like Beyonce is nervous about two alpha males in the house!

Not to worry, Kim definitely put Bey at ease. “Kim told B that while Kanye loves both Saint and North equally, there’s something magical that happens to him when he holds Saint,” the source explained. “It’s a bond that only a father has with his son and Kim explained to Bey that she wants to cry every time Kanye holds the boy.” Um, if that’s not the cutest thing you’ve ever heart, your heart is made out of ice. Good luck, Beyonce! We hope you get your little boy soon!


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